A new way to translate your website


wpml logoWe have previously discussed the importance of a multilingual website and how to decide which languages to translate your website into. But once you’ve made the decision, how does the actual process work?

WordPress is still the king of CMS

In 2019 WordPress powered more than 35% of the web. Not all websites use a Content Management System, but of those who do, 62% use WordPress, while only 4.6% use Joomla, which is the second most popular CMS. That’s a big lead! The latest version of WordPress (v 5.3) has been downloaded more than 19 million times to date.

WordPress is easy to install and it is itself available in more than 60 languages. With over 47,000 available plugins, developers and owners have plenty of options for customising their website and offering a unique user experience to their visitors.


Creating a multilingual website on WordPress

In order to create multilingual versions of your WordPress site, you will need one of the available plugins. With more than one million active installations, stable and reliable service and extensive customer support, WPML is the most popular and most robust tool one can use for this purpose.

WPML allows authors to write in different languages, as well as easily translate and publish pages in multiple languages, without having to export files or ever step outside WordPress. It includes advanced translation management features and doesn’t require any technical or programming skills for its installation and use.


NEXYA + WPML integration

NEXYA is proud to be one of the professional translation services available through WPML.

Using the Translation Management feature within WPML, you can easily choose which pages, strings or media you want to translate, the languages you want to translate them into, and assign them to NEXYA.

Your content will be analysed and a quote will be sent to you, specifying the cost and turnaround time. Once you’ve approved it, your content will be translated, proofread and quality checked using NEXYA’s in-house tools and processes and then automatically returned to you, ready to be published.

We only use mother tongue professional translators and we always aim to match their field of specialism with your content, in order to achieve the best possible result in the target language. Our customer onboarding team can assist you with installation and with ordering your first translation. Please contact us at hello@nexyaloc.com with any questions or to start your multilingual journey with WPML and NEXYA.