Next Level Localisation: NEXYA

Next Level Localisation: NEXYA

L10N Solutions and Idiom Localisation join forces under new brand name

We are very happy to present to you NEXYA, the company that was born from the merger of L10N Solutions and Idiom Localisation, two localisation service providers. We would like to share our story with you and the benefits of our exciting joint venture.

Our story

L10N Solutions was founded in Corinth in 2016 by Alexandra Simits, a localisation professional with years of experience working in Greece and abroad, and specialising on digital marketing and online gaming. Alexandra wanted to offer a more comprehensive localisation experience to her clients, managing the entire lifecycle of their projects.


Around the same time Nadia Anagnostopoulou started Idiom Localisation in London. Nadia started working as a freelance translator in 2005 and as a Project Manager in 2008, specialising in software localisation, digital marketing and subtitling. She wanted to use this extensive experience in order to create a more personal but also personalised localisation experience for her clients, removing some of the intervening layers between the clients and the people actually doing the work.


Alexandra and Nadia first met in the summer of 2014, but decided to join forces in 2018. Each one brought with her a team of experienced project managers, engineers, translators, copywriters and social media managers with extensive experience and complementary skills. 


After six months of hard work, strengthening our team bonds, establishing our processes and working on our product, we are now ready to announce our new common identity and vision.


Please welcome NEXYA to the world of localisation!


Our vision

The name derives for the Latin word nexus – the act of binding together, of creating a bond. Our aim is to connect brands with their customers around the world, in their own language and in a way that resonates with their local culture. We don’t do “one size fits all”. Our solutions are customised according to the needs of each client, each market and each project, in order to achieve global engagement with end users. We combine deep knowledge and experience with state-of-the-art technology and Agile principles, in order to offer the right workflow and deliver projects faster, with greater precision and added value.


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Over the next couple of months you will gradually see changes to our appearance and you will have the opportunity to read a lot of exciting new content. Stay in touch for our latest news.