Game Localisation

We immerse ourselves deeper into a game when it speaks our language. So, we want to make sure that the emotional impact of your game is not lost in the localisation process, but instead it’s enriched. Not every translator plays games, just as not every gamer speaks English. A simple word-to-word translation just won’t cut it. Modern players expect content that will fit the gameplay and the game universe as if it was originally created in their own language.

Level up your game with top quality translations

Our team consists of game localisation experts who are also avid gamers. We know what the gaming community needs and how that differs from country to country. That being said, we will ensure the quality of the translation in both linguistic and cultural levels, while keeping your game up to date with cultural compliance and insider’s knowledge of the gaming community.

First things first

Every localisation process starts with familiarisation with the project, preparing files and hardware and creating a glossary and a respective style guide. Traditionally, everything is decided during the workflow analysis and the procedure runs like a waterfall. The trouble with waterfalls though, is that they lack the ability to go back and potentially change any bugs/mistakes that have surfaced along the way. We are here to change that.

During project familiarisation we plan the best ways to face the challenges of the market. The files and hardware are prepared in complete accordance to your needs. We make sure that consistency and quality are respected thanks to the glossary and style guides we create and provide to our vendors.


We work together

When it comes to scheduling your product development, it is crucial to choose the right methodology. Ιn a world of agile development, you need a localisation team that will efficiently adapt to constant changes and improvements.

Our team is trained and certified in Agile and we can seamlessly cooperate with developers. Our project managers can produce the finest results while following the custom workflow that was created to match your specs.

At Nexya, we believe in agile development, because it gives you the tools and the power to create a workflow that perfectly fits your project and its needs. Although the main process remains the same, the production flow is completely revolutionised.


Fast, transparent and easy to use

Even the best products can be lost in translation and when they are not, they might be lost in the mists of time. Traditional project management procedures, though well tested, can be expensive, time consuming and overall inefficient.

Through our Translation Management System, you can track and overview the progress of your live projects, order a new project or request a quote, access project history and create customised corporate reports.