Getting subtitles right is an art in itself. It not only requires precision but also creativity and passion to adapt, paraphrase and capture both the style and substance of the original programme. At the same time the translation needs to be synchronised to what’s happening on screen and have enough on-screen time to be readable by the audience. Our team specialises in professional subtitling services, which comply with the time restraints and formatting requirements inherent in TV broadcasts.

Our multimedia department works across a wide range of materials, taking your original video and converting it to a localised version, ready to publish. As soon as we receive the material we proceed to a template and a time-coded text creation. If you don’t provide us a with transcript, our team of audio transcriptionists will create one for you, that will be used for the subtitling and proofreading process. Finally, our team of experts will undertake the QA , adhering to reading speeds, frame rates and any other required technical specifications.

Our subtitling principles


Our technology produces files in any format, including DVB, HD DVB, CC3, and Closed Captions. Our team of linguistic experts will provide culturally precise subtitles and menus in many languages for documentaries, feature films, TV broadcasts, corporate videos, educational shorts, e-learning and children’s films. We also localise subtitles and encode streaming videos and online videos of any kind, in any format required.

The advanced subtitling applications we use will help us create the templates and subtitling files you require according to your specifications and in the format you prefer (.pac, .stl, .srt, ttmx, etc.).



We understand your material’s high value and how important is for you to keep it safe. Our cloud based systems allow us to ensure your content is secure whilst being localised to a high standard, and in time for those release dates.

We make sure that there are no leaks and no late deliveries.



Keeping your content artfull

At Nexya we know that accurately and artfully rendered subtitles can enhance your film or video immeasurably. Do you think that we can help you localise your content and together produce a product of outstanding quality? Please do not hesitate to contact us!